Age & Gender Recognition

Age & Gender Recognition


Our Age & Gender Recognition software is a Dutch Design of an automated audience-measuring program,
which provides instantaneous and continue audience data for immediate use. It can be combined with our EAS
systems and/or installed as a standalone application, using standard video cameras.

The program can be customized to produce a wide range of data for retail operations, merchandising and PR including:

  • Age and gender identification
  • Dwell time
  • Attention time
  • Glances
  • Conversion rate
  • Merchandising effectiveness

The data can also be used to create effective digital signage campaigns, providing real time information for your
advertising, as well as specific advert targeting.

The Age & Gender Recognition software does not do facial recognition or registration, but it does detection of the
face data! The software is using the video feed from the CCTV camera. It can detect a face, but it never records the
image. It creates the data if the CCTV camera is seeing a women or a man. Based on this recognition the software will
store the number of people (visitors) separated by women or man. The same signal also can used for registration the
amount of time visitors pay attention to the Digital Signage screen and their presence in front of the screen.

Enable a two-way communication between your digital displays and viewers for a more fully integrated interactive solution.
Women will receive information intended for women and men different information intended for men.
For special action by (e.g. an museum), this software ensure the facial expressions, age, gender, mood, head pose or
clothing style of the individuals in front of your screens.
Therefore you will be able to offer your audience an improved experience and customized content addressing their interests
and behaviour.

A simple camera can process all this relevant information from multiple people in real-time.




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