DC – RF Electronic Article Surveillance systems (EAS)


RF Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Systems

The RF Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems of our DC collection offer you the finest selection of elegant and refined antenna designs, that fit every store environment.

The Dialoc ID products are well-known for their excellent performance and reliability. Virtually false alarm free, remote maintenance possible, that guarantees optimum operation at a minimum cost.

With the Dialoc ID systems, you can offer your customers a welcome and pleasant store environment and at the same time benefit from the preventive effect. Your entrance remains attractive and accessible, providing the best possible shopping experience to your customers!

The DC collection consists of the following systems:


   Tube                        Plex
o_g_grijs-103x300_0005_tube              o_g_grijs-103x300_0002_plex           

About dialoc id

Dialoc ID has its office in Harderwijk, the Netherlands with partners in Europe, America, Asia, Australia and America.

Dialoc ID is a leading manufacturer of Electronic Article Surveillance systems (EAS) and other innovative retail solutions using RF, EM, AM, RFID and Hybrid technology.

Worldwide partners

The Dialoc ID products are sold, installed and serviced through our network of official partners located all around the world.

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