Diamond™ RF/Metal

Diamond RF/Metal

Diamond RF/Metal

RF electronic article surveillance system

The Diamond RF/Metal is a high-end antenna solution offering an excellent mix of protection and design. The combination of stainless steel and clear acrylic demonstrates a stylish character in today’s modern luxury stores. This system is prepared to allocate bags & coats coverd with aluminum foil.

The metal detection is integrated in the antenna to detect anyone entering the store with these prepared bags or coats. Next to an optical alarm, the system transmits an alarm code, which can be received by a paiger which then produces discretely an audible
and/or vibration alarm. The metal detection system also has a relay which can be connected with a CCTV system when required.



  • Fully digital configuration (DSP)
  • Visual and audio alarm
  • Advanced radio frequent RF technology
  • Remote maintenance
  • Integrated metal detection
  • Multiple gate solutions are possible
Diamond RF/Metal


Diamond RF/Metal

Antenna: 345 x 39 x 1622 mm (width x depth x height)
Base   : 355 x 100 x   10 mm  (width x depth x height)

Weight: 13 kg

RF Detection:                                                               Metal detection:
• 1.60 – 2.00 meter for hard tags                                 Maximum distance: 1.80 meter
• 1.40 – 1.60 meter for 5 x 5 sticker tags
• 1.20 – 1.40 meter for 4 x 4 sticker tags

A minimum distance of 100 cm must be kept between the system and a sliding door!

Frame: Stainless steel mounting frame & clear acrylic panel
Base  : Stainless steel

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