RF Deactivation solutions

RF Stickertag deactivator

Undercounter model

The stickertag deactivator consists of a controller and a deactivation device and is available in a countertop and a undercounter version. The undercounter stickertag deactivator is the perfect solution for situations in which counter space is at a premium.

The control unit contains a double output, to enable support for 2 deactivation devices. Safe deactivation operation ensures that credit cards, watches and other magnetic material will not be adversely affected.


  • Length: 255 mm
  • Width  : 255 mm
  • Height :   12 mm
  • Weight: 900 gr.
RD Stickertag deactivator undercounter
RF Bodyscanner

RF Hand held detector

Battery powered HAND HELD detector

This bodyscanner is a flexible handheld detector for all store environments. If offers a covenient way of checking merchandise for hard and sticker tags presence. It is a discreet solution usually demanded by stores where security guards are on duty.


  • Length : 140 mm
  • Width   :   63 mm
  • Height  :   37 mm

Detection range:  up to 30 cm
Working frequency: 8,2 Mhz, 1.95 Mhz & 3,25 Mhz


For those products, which cannot be tagged directly with a hard tag and pin because of damage or difficult handling of the product. Together with a hard tag and a pin, the lanyard is looped around a product first and so securing that product. The lanyard has a steel wire with plastic around it to prevent damage to protected items and getting no corrosion.

Material:   Plasticized steelwire
Length:    14, 17 & 24 cm
Optional: different lengths on request

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