EM Deactivation Solutions

RDU Retail EM deactivator unit flushmount

Flush Mount version

RDU Retail EM deactivator unit countertop

Counter Top version


Retail Deactivation Unit   EM deactivator

The RDU will accurately deactivate any Dialoc ID EM tag by passing the tagged merchandise across the surface of the unit.

The RDU has a slim design and is available in a counter top and a flush mount version. The counter top version has a wear resistant surface and the flush mount version has a stainless steel target plate,  ensuring many years of reliable service.


Countertop version:                                  Flush Mount version:

  • Length:  275 mm                                   Length:  268 mm
  • Width  :  140 mm                                   Width  :  135 mm
  • Height :    14 mm                                   Height :    16 mm

Weight: 1,4 kg                                           Weight: 1,9 kg

EM Roller Deactivator

This EM Roller Deactivator is a hand held device, ideal for deactivatabe tags applied to items which are too long of too heavy to place on the check-out counter.

Deactivation is completed simply by rolling the device over the EM tag strips.


  • Length: 180 mm
  • Width  :   50 mm

Weight: 0,5 kg

EM Roller deactivator
DA927 Media Activator/Deactivator


Media Activator/Deactivator

The Dialoc ID media activator/deactivator is especially designed for contact EM tag strip deactivation and reactivation on pre-recorded magnetic media such as audio tapes and videos. It safely deactivates and reactivates EM strips while leaving the magnetic information untouched.

Somethimes there are locations other than the cashier’s desk to activate EM labelled items like CD’s, DVD’s or even regular books etc. Its ergonomic design ensures optimum results in any point of sale environment.


  • Length : 230 mm
  • Width :   127 mm
  • Height :    39 mm

Weight: 1.4 kg

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